A Complete List Of ALL CreateStudio Templates!

At the time of creating this page, CreateStudio has only been publicly live for a few hours.

I say this because the developers of CreateStudio promise to upload HUNDREDS more in the next few days.

I am going to keep this list updated as new CreateStudio templates are published!

CreateStudio Template Categories

Character Explainers:

-Free Bonus Video Agency

-Fitness Character Explainer

-Udemy Course Promotion

-Digital Agency Explainer

-Fitness 3D Character Explainer

-Product or Service Promotion

-Social Media Agency

-Website Showcase


-Macbook Display

-Travel Laptop Display

-Introducing Your New App

-IPhone XR Displays

-Phone App

Facebook & Instagram:

-Beauty Products & Treatments

-Fitness Personal Trainer

-Creative Company

-Employee of the Month

-Flash Sale

-Fresh Food

-Funny Ad

-New Season eCommerce

-Restaurant New Menu

-Simple General Ad

-Generic Video Ad Blue

-New Job Opportunities

-Summer Sale

-Spring Collection

-Simple Two Product Showcase

-Sunglass Sale

-Swimming Pool Service

-Travel Agency

-Video Agency

-Webinar Registration

Live Action:

-Cute Photo Opener

Local Businesses:

-Beauty Salon

-Elegant Restaurant Menu

-Personal Trainer : Fitness

Logo Stings:


-Fire Explosion

-Santa Christmas Intro

-Tennis Opener


-Funny Santa Logo Animation

-Particle Explosion Blue

-Tennis Guy Intro

-Cartoon Explosion

-Colorful Shapes


-Astronaut Intro

-Simple Clean Opener


-Cooking Channel Subscribe

-Launch Time

-Newsletter Sign Up

-Youtube Children’s Channel

-Youtube Endcard Gradient

-Youtube Frame


-Free Bonus Video Agency

-Travel Agency Discover Thailand

-Music Business

-Product or Service Promotion

-Udemy Course Promotion

-eCommerce Store Promo


-Restaurant Menu


-Create Design Portfolio

-Photographer: Creative Portfolio

-Elegant Real Estate Showcase

-Real Estate

-Fashion Store Promotion

-Real Estate Simple


-Spring Sale

-Summer Sale

-Travel Post

-Graphic Design

-Gym Sign Up

-Live Webinar Launch

-Social Media Consultant



-Fitness Run Sign Up Reminder

-Funny Learn To Code

-Church Come Holy Spirit

-Digital Marketing Consultant 

-Blog Post

-Facebook Live Event

Video Wrappers:

-Basketball Store Promotion

-Concrete Style

Skateboard Sale

-Football Youtube Channel Post

-Fitness Promotion

-Travel Agent: Travel Blogger

-Watch Our New Vlog

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