Where To Find Help For CreateStudio: CreateStudio Support

CreateStudio’s Video Animation Software is built for the inexperienced user! CreteStudio is all about bringing custom animation tools to the people who do not have an animation degree. Because of this, they expect you to have questions along the way! To answer your questions, CreateStudio has a robust support and tutorial network. Below are some of my favorite ways to get help with CreateStudio!

CreateStudio Support Learning Center

Find the CreateStudio Learning Center HERE!






Here you will find step by step walk-throughs made by the Official CreateStudio Team!

On top of support guides, you will also find the option to speak to the CreateStudio Team!


What kind of help do you need?
Technical issues
Feature requests

The images below are of the official support and learning center for CreateStudio. 

CreateStudio Support on Youtube

CreateStudio support also built a full video tutorial Youtube channel! Find it HERE.






Also listed on CreateStudio’s Youtube is an email for business inquiries:


Here you will find visual support for CreateStudio’s video animation software! These videos are just the ones that CreateStudio Official published before the product launch. You can expect to see MANY MORE videos by CreateStudio over the next couple of months.


They have two playlists right now: “General Training Videos” and “How To Work With Animations”


Some videos in “General Training Videos” include: Timeline Overview, Project Settings, Editing Templates, Importing Media.


Some videos in “How To Work With Animations” include: How to Create Social Progress Bar, Intro to Characters, Character Walking Sequences, Animate SVGs, animation Presets, Looping Animations.


Below is what the Official CreateStudio Youtube looks like!

CreateStudio Official Facebook & Instagram

Additionally (but perhaps a last stitch effort) CreateStudio has an official Instagram and Facebook Page!


One of the programs creators, Mira Dobes, posted onto the private facebook group urging people with questions to contact support rather than posting onto the Facebook page. 




I would recommend this option when looking for video inspiration from other users, or support or advice from other users. Based on the comment by one of CreateStudio’s founders, I would say that their social accounts are more ment for promotion than support.


CreateStudio also has a private facebook group that can be found HERE.  


Below are some photos of the official social media accounts to help you!

CreateStudio Reviews- Unofficial- Tutorials and Guides



Outside of Emailing CreateStudio Support, Visiting Their Official Youtube or Social Media Accounts, or Visiting Their Learning Center…. I recommend you save this site! We will be constantly updating our tutorials and CreateStudio guides so that you can get the support you need with this soon to be very popular product.  


Also, check back soon for the “CreateStudio User Forum”! We are building an unofficial forum for users right on our site where you can create a free account and chat with other entrepreneurs, marketers, or whatever your industry is!


You can also contact our team at, and we would be happy to help!

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