How To Download CreateStudio's Video Animation Software

Step 1: Decide what CreateStudio Add-Ons you might want, CreateStudio Pricing

Below is a quick summary of upgrades and pricing for CreateStudio but you can read more HERE.


CreateStudio All Access Pass (Templates, Characters & Assets)

– 500 templates (Entire template library)

– All access pass to thousands of animated elements inside MotionBuilder.

– 40 extra characters

– 100+ extra premium animation presets.


CreateStudio Media Upgrade

– Pixabay integration (1 click import)

– Unsplash integration (1 click import)

– Audio Library

– Custom created pro Sound effects library

– Text-to-speech creator

$67 – $97

CreateStudio Agency License

– 5x additional licenses for team members

– Agency marketing material

$127 – $197

Step 2: Download CreateStudio for Mac or Download CreateStudio for Windows

Go to LINK and Download CreateStudio for either a Mac or Windows.


Currently, CreateStudio requires MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later. For Windows you have the option of a 32 bit or 64 bit download, both require Windows 7 or later.

(The photos below are what the Official CreateStudio download page WILL look like, don’t be tricked by spam sites!!)


Before May 12th, you can use this landing page to sign up for launch newsletters from CreateStudio directly. I am signed up and will be sending anyone who signs up for the CreateStudio promo code updates with all important launch info. To sign up go HERE.


Also if you haven’t already, be sure to read my Real Review on CreateStudio. My CreateStudio Review… I go in depth on CreateStudio animation capabilities and features.

Step 3: Complete The Instal Wizard

I don’t think I really need to explain this part… lol!

Step 4: Enjoy getting to know CreateStudio’s software!

With CreateStudio, you can be a total newbie or a straight up profesional animator and use the program with ease.


Just like Canva, CreateStudio uses templates and customizable preset animations to help beginners make professional quality videos.

For the more experienced, CreateStudio allows you to customize every detail you could want. Adjust character animation easing on design?

No Problem!

You can make so much with CreateStudio, in fact I have a whole ARTICLE on how you can even make MONEY off of CreateStudio.

Just to name a few things you can try creating with CreateStudio…
– 3D Pixar styled explainers
– Kinetic typography
– Video ads
– VSL’s
– Promotional videos
– Mobile stories


Shall I keep going? 😉

Step 5: CreateStudio Troubleshooting and Training

I will be keeping this site up to date with new training videos and tutorials for CreateStudio, but I also recommend you check out CreateStudio’s training center. LINK


CreateStudio has a LIBRARY of Tutorial Videos!


Before you get started with CreateStudio, I recommend watching a couple videos to see exactly how CreateStudio works.


They put together a massive library containing over 40 tutorials for you to watch.


Sadly this will not be accessible to the average user until May 12th, 2020!


(Below is a photo showing you where to find help with CreateStudio after May 12th.)

Step 6: Change your Resume Heading to "Video Animator and Designer"

…and just like that, BOOM you are up and running!


Have fun, get creative, make money, do you! 

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