How to Make Money with CreateStudio Animation Software 2020

With CreateStudio you can now create video ads, explainer videos, video posts and much more, inside the simple user interface.


And with the done-for-you templates available, you can simply add the businesses logo, details and have your videos done in just minutes!

Make Money with CreateStudio

What if you could sign up 10 local businesses a month to your video services.

Being paid $500 from each local business to simply create and post videos.

You’d be making $5,000 simply to have fun creating cool videos.

Sounds good right…

Well now you can!  Thanks to an incredible “ALL-IN-ONE” video animation software called CreateStudio.

So if you’ve ever considered helping local businesses, this software enables you to do it, and cash in on the ever growing demand for video creation services.

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Step 1: Download CreateStudio

This is kind of a duuuhh step, but you can’t say i’m not THROUGH!

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You will find createstudio to be extremely user friendly.

Step 2: Get Cozy W/ CreateStudio

CreateStudio is meant for all EXPERIENCE levels

(Meaning you can use templates and preset animations to make pro looking designs in minutes.)


You can get nitty gritty and design everything from scratch!

Step 3: Create Example Videos

Using CreateStudio, create five or six example videos. This should LITERALLY take YOU an hour or less!

(I RECOMMEND using an example logo or your own custom logo in the example videos)

That way a potential client can picture their brand in the video!

Step 4: Create Sellers Account on Fiverr

Go to and sign up for a sellers account.


Create a listing for “Pro Animated Video Ads”


(Use the example videos you just made in the Fiverr listing)


…and just like that you can start accepting orders and making money!

But Don't Stop There!

The rest of this article is dedicated to making even more money with very little time and effort.

A few more ideas to get you going with making money with CreateStudio...

BONUS IDEA #1 Youtube

Grow you client list by advertising your animations on youtube.

It’s sooo easy!

Just create a youtube account with your Fiverr name and add a link in the bio to your listing!

Then upload videos as you make them to gain traction and build content.

BONUS IDEA #2 Create a Website

Grow your client list by advertising your animations on Your own personal website.

With companies like squarespace… owning a website and hosting your own videos has never been easier.

Simply use the website as a blog to talk about all things animation and again link your Fiverr Listing.

Types of Video and Animation You Can Do To Make Money With CreateStudio Animation Software:

With CreateStudio’s video animation software you can create tons of profitable content! 


You can do it for your own brand or have someone pay you to do it for their brand. 


Check out sites like Fiverr, where you can sell your services. Fiverr’s mission is to change how the world works together.


Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ categories.


With CreateStudio you can make: 


-Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

-Lyrics and Music Videos

-Video Editing and Post Production

-Intros and Animated Logo

-Animated Characters 

-Character Modeling

-Spokespersons and Testimonials

-Video Greetings

-Promo Videos and Brand Videos


I recommend you play with CreateStudio for a little bit and make some example videos. 


Then, when you are ready, post your example videos to Fiverr and use paid orders to help you learn how to make perfect video ads and content! 


Once you feel like a professional video editor, take your new skills and apply them to your very own product or business idea.


You like being paid a commission? Well imagine being paid the whole sale price and not just a commission or fee! 


Now go download CreateStudio and start making money from home ASAP!


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