With online marketing and affiliate programs being what they are, It always makes you wonder if a software is real or just a scam (or even worse… a virus!).

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Is CreateStudio a scam? Or is CreateStudio a rip off?

With this article, I would like to put your worries at ease. CreateStudio (or Create by Vidello) is NOT a scam or a rip off. 


How do I know is CreateStudio a Scam?


CreateStudio was made by Josh Ratta. (Josh Ratta’s Linkedin profile is here:


He is a real guy, in fact he is a really smart software developer who has brought to market numerous successful products.


Arguably Josh Ratta’s biggest success is Vidello, a video software built for marketing & eLearning. 


His next launch was for Create by Vidello, a screen recording & video editing desktop software, that gives you the power to quickly create & edit videos in any resolution.


Additionally Josh created AudioFlow, an ‘Audio Suite’ for Video Creators & Agencies. This software is designed for no technical skills required, simply click, download & create incredible sounding videos! Fully licensed and royalty-free for your peace of mind.


CreateStudio Video Animation Software fits exactly into this niche where he again is bringing ecommerce and online education a new tool to create engaging video content. 


One reason people are asking the question “Is CreateStudio a scam?” is because of the affiliate marketing pages offering reviews of the product before it has launched.


Our site is one of the many blogs and websites reviewing the product launch for CreateStudio

OK, so CreateStudio is NOT a scam but what about honest reviews?

Here is what I can tell you…

CreateStudio Animation Software will launch on May 12th 2020, and until then the company responsible for overseeing the launch of the software is offering affiliate information about the software little by little. As an affiliate we can see videos, graphics, in-depth features, etc on the product. 


The bottomline is that no one has access to the FULL product until May 12th.


Until then all we can honestly review are the features and information as compared to other popular video animation software available online. 


So the big question really becomes-  is CreateStudio actually as good as the product creator, Josh Ratta, claims?


I believe that for the price and based on the information I have access to… AKA experience in the ecommerce industry, experience with other video animation and editing software, and knowledge of the product’s creator, I believe we will be more than blown away by the final product available on May 12th 2020. 

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