CreateStudio Price:


CreateStudio Desktop Software


(MacOS & Windows compatible)


Launch day – $47 – $67 

After launch – $199 – $249

create Price


All Access Pass (Templates, Characters & Assets)


– 500 templates (Entire template library)

– All access pass to thousands of animated elements inside MotionBuilder.

– 40 extra characters

– 100+ extra premium animation presets.





Media Upgrade


– Pixabay integration (1 click import)

– Unsplash integration (1 click import)

– Audio Library

– Custom created pro Sound effects library

– Text-to-speech creator


$67 – $97



Agency License


– 5x additional licenses for team members

– Agency marketing material


$127 – $197


What Does CreateStudio Cost?

Before I break down CreateStudio price, let me tell you why you need it!


CreateStudio is the most revolutionary video animation software that enables average joes like us, to easily make pro studio quality animated videos.


… No need to hire another video agency, and no need to spend HOURS/WEEKS working on a “single-flip-in” video… 


Now you can create literally every type of video you need in a matter of minutes! You can thank me later… 


But for now… 

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Above is the most up to date information on CreateStudio price.

Createstudio cost createstudio price

Is CreateStudio Worth The Money?

What if I told you, that you could create the MOST engaging AND VALUABLE video ads that get CLICKS, and drive traffic like clockwork?


And what if I told you, you don’t even need to have made a video before to be able to make them today? 


CreateStudio has so many capabilities and creates profesional videos worth far more than how much CreateStudio Costs! You do not need to be an After Effects Specialist or have tons of video editing and marketing experience!


CreateStudio offers premade templates and animations allowing you to make extremely valuable content within minutes! 


(If you haven’t already, check out my article on how to make money with CreateStudio HERE


So to answer your question, YES CREATESTUDIO IS WORTH THE MONEY. You can sell content to business owners and make your money back within the first day, or you can blow your brand out of the water with extremely engaging content that makes you money! 


The key to driving traffic & sales from Facebook & Instagram is creating ENGAGING content…


And not just any content…


You need to be creating engaging “video” content which CreateStudio does seamlessly!


The only way CreateStudio would not be worth the money, is if you downloaded it but never used it. The program is so simple and you could be selling video animations within minutes of downloading. 

Is CreateStudio a Scam?

No it is not. In fact, I even decided to write a whole article just on this very question. Check out my article on “Is CreateStudio a scam or rip off?” HERE.

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