CreateStudio Review, My Honest Real Review of CreateStudio 2020

Not too long ago, video editing software (particularly animated video editing programs) were seen as tools only for trained professionals.


Not anymore! As more and more online entrepreneurs enter into affiliate marketing and drop shipping, the need for animation software for beginners and entrepreneurs has skyrocketed!


To meet this demand CreateStudio has entered into the game with an inexpensive and user friendly animated video maker designed for anyone from entrepreneurs to students to paid industry professionals. 


This is why I thought it would be important to create a resource guide and a CreateStudio review.


I knew others would be as excited as I am about CreateStudio and want to make sure it lives up to the hype!

Before I Review CreateStudio, First Lets Talk About What Video Animation Software Is...

Video animation software allows users to create custom videos for ad campaigns, profesional youtube content, educational videos, animated skits, etc. 

Here’s some of my favourite things you can do with CreateStudio:


#1- Create “Pixar” styled3d character videos

#2- Create video ads & social videos

#3- Create & edit green screen videos

#4- Import & animate SVG images

And that’s just scratching the surface…


See CreateStudio in all its creative glory here!

One of the things I want to highlight in this review of CreateStudio is its likeness to Canva!

Is There Software Available for Affiliate Marketers and Small Businesses to Make Custom Videos?


Yes! This is one of the MAIN reasons I wanted to post a CreeateStudio Review. 

Increase traffic and drive sales with beautifully designed commercials.


Use CreateStudio to make video commercials that turn viewers into customers! This is THE video tool for ecommerce.


The key ingredients to picking the best professional animated video software for your online business are professional quality video editing, a beginner user friendly interface, and finally a price that can fit tight budgets.


My favorite software is actually a brand new player in the game. It is like the Canva of video editing programs!


Their video software allows your business to easily create professional animated videos for all industries (like marketing, training, and eLearning).


(For those of you who don’t know already, Canva is an amazing free tool for creating everything from educational graphics, affiliate social media content, custom logos, etc. The program is ridiculously easy to use because of its premade templates.)


Just like Canva, CreateStudio, offers premade templates that allow you to make your custom professional video within a matter of minutes! 

In this review of CreateStudio, the MAIN thing you need to know is that this program makes you a video animation master in one download!



Not only is it a waste of money, but you have little control over the final product. With CreateStudio, you can make trendy clean videos for your youtube page, affiliate blog, online classroom, training videos, white board presentation, etc. 


The best part? All of the videos from your brand will be similar in style because you are creating the videos yourself!


When you use a site like Fiverr, you are paying for every little detail and second in your video plus you are trusting a designer who knows NOTHING about your brand!


Be a true entrepreneur and jump into animated video editing yourself.


With CreateStudio you can edit your videos with expensive looking graphics all from your phone or computer! 


CreateStudio offers both a mobile and desktop version as well as compatibility with Windows and Mac so it can fit your unique needs. If you are going to invest in ANY video editing program for your business or classroom, I urge you to pick CreateStudio. 


CreateStudio is simply the BEST software I have seen come out in a number of years.


Not only can you create animated 2d & 3d character videos, but you can create literally ANY kind of video using done for you templates and assets.


(Read my article on what you can make with CreateStudio HERE)


But what’s even more powerful than that?


You can also fully customise the templates, and even create custom videos yourself using a highly intuitive timeline editor, that enables you to add custom animations or even add 1-click animation presets to quickly animate anything!


You really need to see this in action as you’ll be blown away by what you can do with this software in your business.


And not to mention the quality of the characters & templates are second to NONE… Simply the best I have seen. PERIOD.


So do yourself the BIGGEST favour of the year and pick up your copy right away while the price is this low!  


My CreateStudio Review not convincing enough?

Click HERE to see some videos made exclusively in CreateStudio.

What is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software made for experienced & complete newbie video creators! Giving users the flexibility to create custom animations, and also use motion presets & templates for ease of use and speed.


There has never been such a rich video animation software which combines both advanced & beginner features outside of Adobe After Effects. Users can create; Explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters, lower third animations, logo stings, YouTube content, social videos, sales & promo videos, mobile stories, eCommerce ads, local business videos, virtually any kind of video with ease of use and dynamic features!

CreateStudio Comes Out On May 12TH 2020!!

Animation usually requires time consuming and complex keyframes.


Not any more, thanks to our pre-built motion presets! Select your text, images or videos and quickly animate. You can also easily build your own custom animations on our timeline editor!

One Click Animations

Users can instantly animate any media, shapes and text with just 1-click using our pre-designed animation presets. You can also adjust the settings of the presets to customise to your needs.

Custom Animations

Easily create custom animations without keyframes or complex settings! You can animate; The position, size, opacity, rotation, skew, colour, border, shadow and more!

8x Smaller File Sizes When Publishing

CreateStudio uses the most advanced video encoding technology which means that videos you publish with CreateStudio not only look amazing, but the file size is upto 8X smaller than videos you create with other software. In comparison with a well know editor Camtasia:

We exported a video with Camtasia which resulted in a file size of 316MB. 

We exported the exact same video with CreateStudio and the result was a file size of just 36MB! And the quality exactly the same!

This is huge, because with smaller video file sizes, your videos will load much faster on your landing pages! Speed increases conversions!

Green Screen Editing

Remove any colour on your videos with our simple eye-dropper tool and adjust the threshold. You can then add a video or image in the background for creative greenscreen videos,

Drag & Drop Video Builder

Creating videos will never be the same again with StudioBuilder! Our drag and drop scene and video builder that comes with loads of animated 2D & 3D characters, animated transitions, text titles, kinetic typography, social icons, shapes and more!

Built-in Vector Shape Library

Users can also select from a massive library of vector shapes, change colours and animate!
Woohoo! CreateStudio is finally LIVE! Click here to get $130 off CreateStudio Now!

SVG Import & Animation

Users can import SVG images! They can then choose whether they want to import each individual layer or make it into a 1 layer image. They can then animate the SVG’s using motion presets or custom animations!


Exporting SVG’s as compound shapes are the best if you want to change the entire colour and make it just 1 layer.

Create Virtually EVERY Kind Of Video

You are unique, and so should your videos be too! Go beyond what rigid template based software can offer, and create unique custom video content that’s unique to you! 

Here’s some things you can do with CreateStudio:


– Make video wrappers with social progress bars to the duration of your video.


– Create pro apple styled teaser videos just like the one we made for CreateStudio.


– Logo animations, motion graphics, Udemy promo videos, social stories, square video ads and posts, green screen videos, Pixar 3D styled explainer videos, 2d character explainers, slideshows, real-estate & local business videos and much more!

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